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Click the link below to see posts about technology. This page will include posts like: my first impressions of the microsoft surface book 3, it’s performance over my first semester in college, how to make the most of a surface computer for schoolwork, how the surface book 3 performs for graphic design, programming, and blogging, & much more! 

Girl Meets Cybernetic World

Click the link below to see posts about my personal experiences. This page will include posts like: my high school experiences with computer science, my journey pursuing a bachelors in computer science, how I taught myself programming online, my experiences with job fairs and internships, being a woman in STEM,  & much more!


Click the link below to see posts about cybersecurity. This page will include posts like: an introduction to cybersecurity, resources for teaching yourself online, how to get involved in cybersecurity competitions, how to get certifications in cybersecurity, my personal experiences pursuing cybersecurity, & much more!                                                               


Click the link below to see posts about programming. This page will include posts like: an introduction to java, python, C++, and C#, how to learn programming for free online, how to get certified in programming, my experiences learning to code, how to land internship and jobs in programming, & much more!                                                                         

“Cyborgs, as the philosopher Donna Haraway established, are not reverent. They do not remember the cosmos.”

Computers have always been something I loved, and for me that love went beyond just programming, studying cybersecurity, or learning about web development. The artistic side of computers has always fascinated me. Graphic design, aesthetic operating systems, typography, and font creation have always been things that brought me joy! I thought I’d share some of what I make with you guys


 free stuff

The link below will take you to a google drive of free items such as: digital planners,  design elements, programming resources, calendars, templates, & much more. All items listed are for personal use only unless stated otherwise. I will (eventually) build a weekly newsletter with links to freebies across the internet once my email list is up and running to keep an eye out for that!